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Raxxos is a locally owned & operated family business.

We are your outsourced I.T. department - Let us handle all your technology or supplement your existing I.T. staff.

Who are we and what do we do?

We're just a bunch of business/technology nerds who love helping people like you thrive. We've worked with hundreds of small businesses, empowering them with technology to grow profitable and impactful businesses. Sounds cheesy, but it's true.

Raxxos began as a father/son partnership between Kelly and Roman Massey (me). We must've done a good job because now we're headquartered in an awesome industrial park in Cloverdale, Surrey, work with some of the most epic brands in the Lower Mainland, have clients across North America, and our team is approaching 10+ people. Check out this article to learn how the business started because of a near-fatal car accident..

We have proven technology systems that can instantly increase your team's productivity, decrease downtime, give you peace-of-mind that your data is secure, reduce IT spend and make it more predictable, and save you a ton of money buying new computer equipment.

Every deal must be a win-win-win-win: A win for us, our employees, our client, and their employees. If everyone's not winning, we're not going to do it, even if it costs us business. That ethos carries through to everything we do; Including this website, whose goal is to give away as much free business and technology advice as possible, so when someone wants to work with us, we're confident they've exhausted what they can do on their own and that they actually need us. You'll find that among our "Complete Guide To.." pages below, blog, and our soon-to-be massive YouTube channel.

Something I'm especially proud of is our team and the culture we've crafted. Several years ago I read "Onward" by Howard Schultz, which always prompts people to ask "You worked at Starbucks??" (They make every employee read it.) It really touched me - the way you treat your team affects the way they treat your clients which affects the way your clients work with you and talk about you. We stacked our benefits package and created flexible work policies. As long as the work gets done and our clients are happy, I don't really care how it happens! As a result we've attracted some really amazing people. Sound like a good time? Come work with us!

If you work with Raxxos, as a client or as an employee, know that you're part of our family. Don't be surprised if we show up to your baby shower.

  • Expert Remote and On-Site Technical Support

    This is our bread and butter. I mean, why have all the other stuff if you don't have someone great to manage it? We've been providing tech support to small businesses for over a decade, and nobody has ever cancelled a contract with us (knock on wood.) When you call us you will get a real person on the phone who is ready to help you, and we aim to respond to all emails within 30 minutes. Our average time to resolve a request is 3.25 hours. We can fix most issues over the phone, but we also have local techs ready to meet you on-site. Whether you are on a monthly plan, or pay-as-you-go, we've always got your back. 

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Automation

    Perhaps you already have antivirus software. But, does it have a centralized system? Who is notified when there is an issue? Often, security breaches and computer problems go unfixed because they are not being monitored. Most people click out of notifications quicker than you can say "trojan horse". Something we do to make our tech support more efficient and give you peace-of-mind is to monitor all of your computers and network equipment, 24/7/365. We monitor your antivirus and certain computer metrics, such as disk space, memory usage, and CPU temperature to detect issues before they cause downtime. For example, if your hard drive exceeds 80% full, that's a problem because if it gets to 90%, Windows is unable to update and your computer will get really slow. Our system will detect that and automatically do a disk cleanup. If that doesn't help, it will alert us so we can manually clean it up or upgrade your computer's hard drive before it causes a problem. That's just one example of the hundreds of things we monitor, to keep you in the zone.

  • High Speed Business Wi-Fi

    Your employees and customers expect reliable, high-speed internet access. It's more important than ever, with the increase of laptop and smartphone usage in the workplace. We provide and install the best Wi-Fi equipment, based on 10 years of installs, maintenance, and testing. Our technicians will map out your building and use Wi-Fi analysis tools to create a Wi-Fi plan for the best reliability, coverage, and speed.

    Click here to read our complete guide to business wi-fi!

  • Digital Signage

    Having digital signage in your business is a great way to promote special products, services, or promotions. You can also display pricing or product lists. Or, display photos and videos to deepen your client's connection to the brand. Use our cloud-based digital signage software to manage all of your digital signage screens from one console, even across multiple locations. The devices are smaller than a smartphone and work with any TV that has HDMI.

    Click here to read our complete guide to digital signage!

  • Flexible, Powerful Phone Systems

    Cloud telephony requires no on-site equipment which frees you from up-front hardware and crazy maintenance costs. It also gives you full functionality no matter where you are, from your smartphone or laptop, and you can integrate across multiple locations. It is so simple to manage that your receptionists or admins can easily edit call routing, add extensions, or update holiday hours.

  • Cloud File Sharing So Your Team Can Work Anywhere

    Access and share files from anywhere in the world with your computer or smartphone. Increase collaboration within your team and with your clients. Our software has HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance, 256-bit encryption, and geo-redundant data centers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Meaning, your files are safe, secure, and protected from any type of disaster.

    Click here to learn about our enterprise-first file sharing software!

  • Secure Cloud Email Management

    Whether you are using Gmail or Office 365, it can be helpful to have an expert managing it. For example, you can let us manage all account creations/deletions, groups, etc. Typically, cloud email does a pretty good job with spam, but if you find spam still getting through, consider adding on an external spam filter; Our clients love the extra protection and peace of mind. We can also help you migrate email from your in-office server to Office 365 so you no longer have a big whirring heater in the corner, or the ridiculous cap-ex expenditures every time it needs a replacement or upgrade.

  • Cybersecurity For Business

    Cybersecurity is built into EVERYTHING we do. It has to be, that's one of the things that differentiates us from other providers and one-man-shops. We vet every vendor we work with from a cybersecurity standpoint as well as all of our internal software. When you work with us you can be confident knowing your data is stored safely and securely. None of our clients have ever lost data due to ransomware or other attacks. That is because we use really epic antivirus software, monitor everything 24/7, and check your backups frequently. If cybersecurity is your primary concern in your business, feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to audit your systems and help you secure your empire.

  • Supplemental IT

    Already have IT on staff? Are they overworked? Missing deadlines? Want to expand but don’t want to deal with payroll? Or maybe you just want some extra peace of mind that someone is monitoring everything 24/7?

    We can release some of your IT team’s burden by taking things off their plate they are too busy to deal with. Let us take care of all first response and tier 1 tickets while your internal IT handles the bigger projects, or, vice versa.

Benefits of Working With Raxxos

Increase Productivity

Don't let annoying computer issues keep your employees from working efficiently.

Less Downtime

Proactive maintenance and monitoring means we can fix issues before they get in your way.

Peace of Mind

Security is our #1 priority. Annual cyber crime damages will hit $6 trillion by 2021. We'll keep you out of that statistic.

Predictable Costs

Our unlimited plans mean a fixed monthly bill, no matter how much help you need.

Reduce Costs

Get the manpower and expertise of an entire team for a fraction of the cost of an employee. 24/7 availability and no sick days!

Hardware Savings

Buy computer equipment cheaper through us. We buy high volume and pass the savings straight to you.

What do our clients say?

Always pleasant

I have been dealing with these guys for close to 3 years and can tell you without a doubt they are one of the best groups of people you could want helping with your computer system needs. Always pleasant and helpful with any question or concern you have!

Ashley Duh, Abbotsford Chrysler

Couldn't do my job without Raxxos

Couldn't do my job in the e-com department of Wolfe without the pros at Raxxos. From building my 6 screen Death Star computer in my home office to accommodating my crazy set ups, these guys have the answers, get the work done in record time and do it all with a fantastic on site workplace rapport. We have had these guys along side us for 4 years and can't say enough good things about them. Keep up all the good work and thanks for all that you do!

- Matthew Hale, Wolfe Auto Group

Stop competing and start leading

Raxxos is a company that puts your needs first. I have had the pleasure of Raxxos having my back for the last 5 years. They deliver a service that 2nd to none. I highly endorse them to anyone looking to stop competing and start leading. Thank you to the whole Raxxos team for their dedication and hard work. Love ya guys!

- Sheldon Lloydsmith, Mainland Ford

Friendly and professional

Raxxos is a great team. They are friendly and professional. They work hard to solve our IT issues in a quick efficient manner.

Amber Jane Smith, Langley Mazda

Helpful and great to deal with

Fantastic people, helpful and great to deal with!!! There isn't really anywhere else I would go.

- Tyler Sealey, Abbotsford Chrysler

Our Team

We SUCK at hiding behind monitors and phones. Our technicians are outgoing, friendly people who you will LOVE to call and be around. We take pride in showing up, solving your problems, and helping you crush it!

Raxxos is family owned and operated. But it goes deeper than the Massey's. We treat everyone on our team like family. And, if you're a client, you're part of the family too. We are a family of small businesses and the people who run them, working together to live our best, happiest lives, and to make an impact in our community and the world.

Want to be part of the team? Check out our Careers page. 

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Co-Founder & CEO
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Co-Founder & Operations Manager


Customer Success Manager


Systems Administrator


Service Technician


Service Technician


Service Technician
On-site Service Technician
Outside Sales Consultant

Raxxos Headquarters

raxxos office outside
(604) 477-3539

Unit 201 - 17670 65A Ave
Surrey, BC V3S 5N4



If you're in the area, we would love to give you an office tour, or grab lunch next door! Just reach out by phone or email to set that up.


Our Partners

We are extremely picky when it comes to our vendors. I mean, our reputation is on the line. Our clients trust us with the technology backbone of their businesses which is their livelihood, therefore, we demand the best for our clients and aren't afraid to drop ones that don't meet our sky-high expectations. In fact, we have dropped many vendors over the years. For the last decade, we've really dialed in the best of the best and can say with confidence that when you work with us, you will ALWAYS get the best.

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