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Outsource your IT department or supplement your existing one with fast, knowledgeable technical support.

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Trusted by new and used dealerships all over Canada.

Don’t wait until you have an IT emergency that’s costing your dealership big time.

Slow computers and jammed printers mean lost sales. Having to call a different support line for every software is inefficient. Every minute your sales team spends fighting with their computers is a minute they’re not spending selling cars.

And then there are the really big, expensive problems, like when the internet goes down with no failover, or when your phone systems in the whole building go down, or a ransomware attack steals critical files that have no backup. Downtime can cost thousands if not tens of thousands per hour.

Don’t wait until things get to this point.

Raxxos is your entire IT department.

Real-time Technical Support

When someone has a problem with their computer, they can call or email us for real-time support. One of our IT experts will resolve their issue and get them back to work ASAP.

Cyber-security Protection

Centrally monitored antivirus on every computer and server. Pro-grade firewalls. Frequent check-ups and maintenance to ensure they do their job.

Employee Onboarding / Offboarding

When someone's being hired or leaving, HR submits a request to Raxxos. Our team will have their user accounts created in under 4 business hours. If they need a new computer, we can have it procured, set up and delivered in under 48 hours.

Equipment Procurement & Provisioning

Allow us to curate the best equipment and find you the best deals. You'll receive every device ready-to-work.

IT Strategy, Roadmap, and Budgeting Collapse

Frequent technology reviews to see if your business meets our battle-tested dealership standards.

At minimum, quarterly meetings with our vCIO to:

  • Review upcoming projects
  • Put them on a roadmap
  • Make sure they fit your budget
Project Services for Major Upgrades and Changes

Our project team can handle anything from building out the IT for a new department, to moves and acquisitions.

Make more sales with IT that keeps your systems running.

When you work with Raxxos, you get faster response time, knowledgeable problem solving, and fewer emergencies.

  • Lightning-fast computers and well-maintained printers mean MORE sales.
  • Systems that work flawlessly save you from the headaches, stress, and gray hairs of knowing that you’re losing money with every passing minute.
  • Team members who don’t have to climb under desks, troubleshoot their computers, or install keyboards are team members who can focus on their jobs.
Matthew Hale
Trotman Auto Group

"I couldn't do my job without the guys at Raxxos. They get the work done in record time and do it with a fantastic on-site workplace rapport. We have had these guys alongside us for 4 years and can't say enough good things about them!"

Raxxos get the work done in record time

Over 10 Years of Experience with Dealerships.

No longer do you have to call a different support line for every software. Call us and we'll handle everything. We are familiar with nearly every app, software, and technology vendor that dealerships use. You might even find that your questions get answered quicker with us than with the dealer’s own support reps.

We cover everything from DMS software like PBS or ADP, to manufacturer specific software like Ford's iConnect, bodyshop software like Mitchell, Audatex, and IMEX, and others like Key Trak, Dealersocket, DealerConnect, etc.

Save costs while increasing stability


Every team member is trained on dealership operations. When we fix an issue at one dealership, the fix gets documented so our techs know how to fix it everywhere else.


Get help from people who know dealer-specific technology so that when something happens to your systems, apps, and software, you get a reliable fix.


Hardware and software cost money. Get knowledgeable guidance about what you should expect to budget and how to make your money stretch further.


When do you need to replace your computers, printers, phones, and other equipment? Get a solid plan that keeps you one step ahead of things breaking down.

Here's an IT industry secret...

It takes more effort to give good service to dealerships. Other kinds of IT jobs are easier. So a lot of IT professionals are reluctant to take on a dealership, or if they do, they don’t know what they’re getting into.

Raxxos is different because we actually love providing great service to dealerships. We embrace dealerships as our primary clientele. It's our passion.

So when you work with Raxxos, you get an IT company that meets (and anticipates) your needs. You get help with technology, advice on budgeting for your IT needs, and forecasting for replacements of equipment. And you get a team that knows how to manage your systems in a way that will contribute to your success.

Why is it so hard to find IT support for your dealership?

If you’ve hired IT support in the past and weren’t happy with the results, that’s understandable.. Getting the IT support you need as a dealership requires a unique set of skills. Most IT folks don’t know your systems, don’t know what it takes to make a dealership successful, and don’t really want to bother to figure it all out.

  • Charges a flat monthly fee
  • Develops a holistic picture of the business
  • Deep knowledge of dealership systems
  • Does preventive maintenance so things don’t break
  • Prevents emergencies, saving you from costly downtime
Random IT Consultant
  • Charges hourly
  • Completes fragmented one-off projects
  • Doesn’t know your unique systems
  • Makes money when things break
  • Puts out fires
  • Cost fluctuates; you never know what to expect

Flexible plans. No long term contracts.

Raxxos can be your ENTIRE IT department, including on-site support, remote support, proactive maintenance, 24x7 monitoring, quarterly business reviews, and ongoing project consultations.

Or, we can supplement your existing IT staff, by providing any services and software they cannot handle. It's common for us to handle the remote support, monitoring, and quarterly business reviews, while your internal team handles the day-to-day on-site support.

Tech Support

Full on-site and remote support gives you fast, professional assistance with your internet, computers, software, network, servers, wifi, phones, printers, and more.

IT Strategy

Take advantage of quarterly meetings with our Business Technology Advisor to ensure that your IT is aligned with your business goals.

IT Management

24/7 health monitoring of all computers, servers, and networks. Antivirus and backups for all computers and servers. Proactive maintenance on all equipment to prevent costly downtime.

Deals on Equipment

We leverage our vendor relationships and volume to get you deals on hardware and software. We can also manage your cloud subscriptions, such as M365, for no extra cost.

Amber-Jane Smith
Wolfe Auto Group

"Raxxos is a great team. They are friendly and professional. They work hard to solve our IT issues in a quick efficient manner!"

Raxxos solves our IT issues in a quick efficient manner!

Our Mission

Raxxos is revolutionizing IT for Automotive Dealerships. We stand for reliable and forward-thinking IT so that our clients can be more successful. We approach a problem by first thinking about people. What do they need? What’s frustrating? What kind of action is needed to make their work more seamless? From there, we go to great lengths to solve the problem, from using existing tools and solutions to incorporating custom software and automation.

Our approach allows us to help you reach the kind of scale and efficiency that makes a difference in your bottom line.

Every industry has unique IT challenges; There is no one-size-fits-all IT support process. Dealerships are no exception. They are fast-paced, demanding, and have unique support needs, from DMS to proprietary auto manufacturer software. However, our founder had a background in the auto industry before moving into IT work, so from our earliest days, we had an insider perspective on the unique problems dealerships face and the solutions they care about.

Now, we love offering dealerships the level and quality of support that they can’t find anywhere else.

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