3 Ways to Start Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Raxxos Media Team
June 23, 2018

When you hear about artificial intelligence (or “AI”) in the workforce, you might immediately start thinking about the numerous studies projecting the ways workers could be losing their jobs to automation. In 2016, one report estimated nearly 1 in 10 jobs around the world could be automated – which made a few people nervous about their jobs!

In reality, those concerns may be overestimating the negative impact of AI in a professional capacity. More recently, experts are identifying new and exciting ways businesses can start implementing AI technology to give their companies a boost over the competition and help increase their efficiency and innovation in bold new ways.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways you could be using AI today to revolutionize the way you collect and process data and analyze new trends in your industry!

The Benefits of AI in a Data-Driven Workforce

The business landscape is changing. The amount of data available on consumer trends is growing faster than ever before changing the way businesses think about their target audiences and marketing platforms.

B2B and B2C industries alike are analyzing new data streams to help increase market share and streamline productivity. In this era of data consumption, artificial intelligence could give businesses the boost they need to succeed.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Customer Engagement

If a digital tool promised to help you create products customers wanted to buy and could even help you market those products in new and personalized ways, you’d want to know more, right?

That’s exactly what AI is starting to do for the ways businesses interact with their target audiences. More than helping brands connect with customers as quickly and conveniently as possible, tools like automated chatbots, and even supercomputers like IBM’s Watson, are helping businesses learn more about their customers in return.

Consider the potential behind offering new customers the chance to answer a few simple questions about themselves on your website before clicking around. By analyzing their responses, some businesses are customizing the shopping experience based on what they’ve learned matters to that specific customer.

And if Watson isn’t a resource you’re ready to take on, even chatbot tools like Facebook Messenger and WeChat can help engage customers through every step of the buying experience without a real-life hands-on approach.

2. Using Artificial Intelligence to Boost Collaboration

Like virtual reality, businesses can start using artificial intelligence to increase workplace collaboration today.

Bringing your internal and external support forces together is a crucial element of business success, and many of the same tool businesses are using to connect with their customers have similar applications for “intelligent collaboration.” Conversational workplace platforms like Slack, Cisco Spark, and Microsoft Teams are just a few of the ways you can increase productivity across all areas of your business today.

3. Using AI to Detect Cyber Crime

By now you know cybercrime and fraud pose serious risks to your business. As the volume of data you collect on your customer base continues to increase, the importance of protecting that data only continues to grow.

Artificial intelligence offers businesses the opportunity to safeguard their data, financial records, and private information. As fraud attacks continue to get even more sophisticated, machine learning and AI have the capacity to monitor your business activity and detect anomalies you might not see until it’s too late.

Take Your Business into the Future!

When you hear analysts talking about how artificial intelligence could be revolutionizing your industry, you’ll have a better idea what they mean. Instead of thinking about the consequences of automation, businesses should be looking forward to the future of better customer engagement, internal collaboration, and more intense security measures.

And if you’re ready to learn more about what AI can do for you, the IT experts at Raxxos are ready to be your guide. Contact us today to learn more.

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