Going paperless by scanning documents with your phone

Roman Massey

When we moved into our new office at the end of 2016, we committed to going paperless. It wasn’t to save the planet. The environment is cool, but the real reason was to make our business more efficient. We wanted to never lose an important piece of paper again, to remotely access all of our files, and to share them easily.

We spent years testing cloud file sharing solutions before we finally landed on a winner. One of the features that we deemed critical was to scan a document with your phone. Autotask Workplace executes this exceptionally well.

Any time a piece of paper lands on my desk, I quickly scan it and recycle it. Once I made this part of my daily workflow, my life got way easier!

Check out the video below for a breezy demonstration of document scanning with the Autotask Workplace mobile app. Notice how fast it syncs to the laptop; Crazy!

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