Keep Your Identity From Being Stolen With These 6 Tips

By Roman Massey | November 17, 2017

The Equifax breach is a couple months old now, but there are still lessons to be learned. Threats increase daily as our world becomes more connected. Almost every week there is a new headline about a breach at a large company. Don’t be the reason your company ends up in the news! Here are 6…


By Roman Massey | October 12, 2017

In order to improve responsiveness and service quality, we are proud to introduce live chat support on our website. You can use this live chat to instantly connect to our team for technical support, general questions or feedback. In our testing we’ve seen excellent results, so we’re super excited to deploy it for all our…

Interac E-Transfer Phishing Attack

By Roman Massey | September 6, 2017

Attacks can come in the most unexpected forms, like a text message. Some are more sophisticated than others. At Raxxos, we’re trying to build attack awareness with our clients. Awareness is the #1 way to prevent attacks. In the video below, Roman shows a phishing attack over text message disguised as an Interac E-Transfer, and…

3 things every CEO should know about security

By Roman Massey | September 5, 2017

“Even with the best firewall, if someone on the inside gives an attacker access, such as through an e-mail phishing attack, the firewall is useless.”

New Flavour of “Locky” Ransomware Virus. 3 Tips to Stay Safe!

By Roman Massey | August 26, 2017

This month, a new flavour of the ransomware virus called “Locky” was unleashed into the wild. This is important, listen up! What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a computer virus that will encrypt all of your documents, making them useless. If you have access to a network folder, such as a “Public” drive, it will encrypt…

Going paperless by scanning documents with your phone

By Roman Massey | August 14, 2017

When we moved into our new office at the end of 2016, we committed to going paperless. It wasn’t to save the planet. The environment is cool, but the real reason was to make our business more efficient. We wanted to never lose an important piece of paper again, to remotely access all of our…

Why your business is losing money without a cloud file storage solution

By Roman Massey | July 27, 2017

If your business isn’t using cloud file storage, you’re at a huge disadvantage. You’re probably losing money through wasted time, inefficient document handling processes, data loss, and security breaches. Check out these four game-changing benefits to storing your files in the cloud: Mobility There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t benefit from being able to…

Save your organization money by considering your equipment’s TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)

By Roman Massey | July 5, 2017

When we talk about the cost of a computer with clients, it is common that they only consider the price of the computer. However, this up-front cost is only a small portion of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the computer. Other costs include setup, software, technical support, repairs, and upgrades. Without the TCO…

How We Built Our Business In The Cloud

By Roman Massey | April 17, 2017

15 years ago my father was in a car accident – Rear-ended at a red light by someone going about 80km/hour. His ’84 Chrysler Lebaron was crushed to about half-size, and even with a seatbelt on his head hit the window; His seat broke free from the chassis. Luckily he survived with a couple broken…