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Datto Workplace - Enterprise-First Cloud File Sharing

Workplace is Raxxos's choice for cloud file sharing. We set the bar super high when choosing vendors and software to work with, and we would never sell something we don't use ourselves. We've been using Workplace internally for over 3 years and have implemented it for over half of our clients with great success and awesome feedback. It allows you to lose the server, ditch the tape or USB backups, access your files anywhere, and forget about ransomware. It gives you amazing tools for sharing files between team members or collaborating with clients. 

Security & Compliance

We know security is crucial to your business. Our file sharing software gives you HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance, 256-bit encryption, and geo-redundant data centers in Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia.

Collaborator Control

Control collaborators’ access with built-in security controls that can be set based on how information needs to be shared with team members.

Easy File Restore

Stay ahead of any potential security threats—Ransomware—or other vulnerabilities and viruses. Restore files in under 5 minutes from any device. 

Purpose-built, or after-thought?

Say you have to go off-road: Do you take a Corvette, or a Jeep?

Of course, you could lift a Corvette and put 35 inch boggers on it. So, you're going off-road: Lifted Corvette, or a Jeep?

Heh, you might choose the Lifted Corvette just for shock factor. I don't blame you. But in your business, you choose solutions based on their reliability, security, functionality, and ease-of-use. You want something built exactly for the job it performs.

Unlike most file sharing solutions, Datto Workplace was built for the enterprise since day one. That gives it a huge advantage versus most solutions which were built for consumers and later modified to capitalize on the enterprise market. With Workplace you know you are getting decades of enterprise file-sharing experience and a rock-solid, proven product.


The right file sharing solution will exude professionalism, increase productivity, and protect against disastrous attacks like ransomware.

- Roman Massey, Owner/Operator, Raxxos Technology Inc.

Ready for Cloud File Sharing in YOUR Business?

Contact us now to schedule a demo of Datto Workplace. We'll happily show you how easy it is and how it will transform your business. Then, we'll give you a free trial if you fall in love.

Why Partner With Raxxos?

If you just want some epic cloud file sharing software, that's cool. No hard feelings. We can set you up and get out of your hair.

However, if you've read this far, I get the impression you might need some help in other areas of your business.

We work with small business just like yours, empowering and helping them grow strategically with the use of technology. When you partner with Raxxos, you get a single point of contact for all your business's I.T. needs. We will help you manage your cloud file sharing accounts and set it up exactly how you need to support your business's goals.