Racks and Data Cabling

Data Cabling is the transport for all the data on your network. The need for a reliable network is more important than ever with the ever increasing amounts of data being produced and accessed.

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Structured Wiring

A well organized and implemented network allows your business to grow and adapt quickly to changes in your business and new technologies. Passing off this critical network design step to a general contractor often results in a poorly performing and unscalable network that is hard to work on.

Raxxos can design and implement your racks and data cabling for the best performance and reliability. Our experienced techs can install and certify your cabling project as a one-off, or part of your managed IT services.

When making such an important investment in your network, it makes sense to have trusted IT technicians design, implement and guarantee your network.

Equipment Racks and Rooms

Although the cloud is rapidly replacing most on-premise hardware, it is still necessary to have data racks and networking equipment on premise. Our experience with all hardware, cable management, power and environmental requirements allows us to design and custom build equipment rooms to best suit your business.

If you need assistance with your racks and data cabling in your business, Raxxos can help.