Remote IT Services

What if you could have someone who..

  • Monitors your computers 24/7
  • Detects and fixes problems before your users notice
  • Connects to your computers instantly when you call in with an issue

That is the power of our remote IT services. True peace of mind.

With any of our monthly plans, you get 24/7 monitoring, patch management, proactive fixes, and remote IT support.

Connecting to your computers remotely allows us to solve your requests much faster than if we had to commute to your office. Of course, some requests require a physical touch, but most requests can be solved within 5 minutes over the internet.

Because of our size, we have access to software that is more powerful than what most internal IT teams and solo consultants use.

If you have an over-worked internal IT team, Raxxos can collaborate with your existing technicians to lighten their workload. Our software makes collaborating a breeze.