Raxxos can ensure that your business partners, employees, and customers stay connected around the clock every day of the year with our Wi-Fi services. You will have your own private secure Wi-Fi network that we will install, implement and manage on an ongoing basis.

Custom Installation

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to Wi-Fi. Our team will assess your environment and create a custom plan to make sure you get the best.

Wi-Fi Upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade, we will use signal analyzer tools to find ways to optimize your existing network before we recommend purchasing new equipment. Only once we exhaust all existing optimizations will we recommend purchasing new equipment.

Signal Analysis

When installing new equipment, we will optimize it by using signal analyzers. We walk around your whole building to make sure there are no dead-spots or interfering signals.

Common Cause of Slow Wi-Fi

One of the most common causes of slow Wi-Fi is being on the same channel as other nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. Essentially, when two Wi-Fi hotspots are on the same channel, they "compete" for the frequency which slows both of them down. With our signal analyzers, we can make sure your hotspots are using the channel with the least interference. This will make your network faster and more reliable. Some hotspots have a feature built-in which will try to automatically select the best channel; However, they don't always make the best decision and require manual intervention.

24/7 Monitoring With Our Monthly Plans

With our monthly technical support plans, we will monitor and proactively fix any issues that arise with your Wi-Fi, before they affect your users.