Automotive dealerships rely more on technology every single year. Not only does every employee have a PC, but they likely have a smartphone, tablet, and a laptop, too. Outsourcing IT is becoming the preferred choice for auto dealers for affordability, scalability, and quality of service.

We have been providing IT solutions to automotive dealerships for over a decade. This sets us apart from most service providers who likely aren’t familiar with proprietary dealer software and more importantly the auto industry and how an automotive dealership runs. We are familiar with PBS, ADP/CDK, iConnect, Dealertrack, Dealerconnect, among others.

Paper is disappearing. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • Your technicians’ manuals are all online.
  • Your sales brochures and procedures are in word docs.
  • Financial reports are stored in spreadsheets.
  • Documents get emailed 1, 2, or more times, causing multiple different copies across multiple computers.
  • Someone accidentally deletes a file – it’s either gone, or requires IT intervention to restore it.
  • You get audited and have no way to report on who has access to what files, and who they’ve been shared to.
  • To access files on the road you either CAN’T, or have to use a slow VPN that doesn’t work half of the time.
  • You fire someone and have no way of remotely wiping company files from their devices or instantly restricting their file access.

Want to alleviate all of these problems? The combination of our enterprise cloud solutions and premium technical support is the perfect package for auto dealers of all sizes.

If you want to know more about how Raxxos can streamline your automotive dealership’s operations, contact us today!