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5 Business Growth Strategies for Canadian Startups and Small Businesses

By Kelly Massey | September 18, 2019

People start businesses with a purpose. You may have started yours as a way to knock the cap off of your income or with the goal of creating something to pass down to your children. Perhaps, you’re just a natural-born entrepreneur who never felt “employable”—who felt better off as a boss. No matter why you…

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5 Creative Car Dealership Marketing Strategies to Get More Customers

By Roman Massey | August 29, 2019

Every business wants more customers and sales – but sometimes making that happen is easier said than done. From buying newspaper ads to posting on Facebook to cold-calling potential customers, it may feel like you are already doing a ton to market your business without seeing great results. The success of your car dealership depends…

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How to Get More Website Traffic and New Customers with a Car Dealership Blog

By Roman Massey | August 6, 2019

Blogs are such a powerful tool for any business. They are great for building your brand, connecting with your target market and converting your site visitors to customers. Blogs offer a great way to stay with the times as the future of car dealerships evolves.  Since the ultimate goal of any car dealership blog is…

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The Future of Car Dealerships

By Roman Massey | July 29, 2019

Uber Eats, Amazon and Netflix are great examples of businesses that have adapted to suit the way that people consume. They have jumped ahead of the curve and guided their respective industries in growth and development.  Just like dining, shopping and entertainment, the car buying experience that people prefer is changing. The future of car…

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The Coolest Car Trends and Tech of 2019

By Roman Massey | July 1, 2019

Remember when you had to crank the handle to open the car window? And now cars drive themselves? Like a lot of other technology and inventions, automobiles have been constantly evolving as new scientific discoveries are made. What are the coolest cars to look for in 2019 and beyond? In most of the developed world,…

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10 Email Security Best Practices for 2019

By Roman Massey | June 27, 2019

Whether you manage an inbox for your whole company or one that serves as your “direct line,” you’re bound to have some sensitive information that would be best kept secure. We want to help you protect your browser and your computer. Today, we’re bringing you the 10 email security best practices so that your inbox…

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12 Most Common Business Technology Issues

By Roman Massey | June 10, 2019

The business world is constantly evolving, and in order to remain profitable, you’ve got to keep up. Much of this evolution is due to the ongoing development of technology. As with all new things, there are some growing pains that come with the new and improved technology that you’re incorporating in your business. Let’s jump…

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Law Firm IT: Everything You Need to Know to Protect Your Business and Your Clients

By Roman Massey | June 10, 2019

IT solutions for law firms should be dependable and consistent. It’s important that each system works perfectly with no downtime. New advances in technology mean lawyers can work from anywhere, from home, a hotel, or the office. Checking emails and accessing files is the same no matter where you are. Deciding which solutions fit best…

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What is an SSD and What Does it Do?

By Roman Massey | May 28, 2019

As a business owner, you’ve likely got lots of important information on your computer. While you can upload many types of information to some sort of cloud storage, that information still needs a fast and reliable place to be stored on your computer, too. An SSD is a great way to go when it comes…

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10 Gmail “Hacks” to Improve Company Productivity and Efficiency

By Roman Massey | April 30, 2019

There are a whopping 1.5 billion people in the world using Gmail. That’s 20 percent of the world’s population! And though we all spend a lot of time in our inbox, we don’t always maximize our time. Many users don’t know that there is more to Gmail than Archiving, Starring, and marking emails as Unread.…