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7 IT Outsourcing Best Practices

By Kelly Massey | February 11, 2019

Is your business IT taking up too much time or money? Are you looking for a streamlined, more efficient solution? In this blog, we are going to talk about IT outsourcing and why it could be the right fit for your business. Why IT Services Matter for Small Businesses Managed IT services are essential for…

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What is an MSP? – and What Can It Offer Your Business

By Kelly Massey | January 23, 2019

Have you been searching for a better way to manage your IT department? No doubt if you have, it is likely you’ve stumbled across the term MSP. MSP, when discussing IT needs refers to a managed service provider. What we will discuss in this blog is what precisely a Managed Service Provider does, why you…

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5 Things To Look For In An IT Company

By Kelly Massey | January 10, 2019

Computers, software, and data security technology are crucial to the smooth running of your business. If your technology is outdated, or something breaks down, it can be disastrous to a productive workday. You’re stuck paying employees who can’t work, turning down clients or customers, and not making any forward progress on those important projects. Rather…

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5 Trends That Will Shape Customer Service in 2019

By Kelly Massey | December 27, 2018

Being in the business world is kind of like high school. You have the popular “kids” that hip with the latest gadgets and trends – and the rest, scrambling to catch up with the next hottest thing just in order to climb the ranks. As a business owner, though, you can’t afford to be behind…

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When and Why You Should Restart Your Computer

By Kelly Massey | December 12, 2018

Have you ever called IT support, just to have them ask, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” While restarting your computer is usually your first approach to fixing technical issues, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. So, how do you know when it’s time to give your computer a jump vs…

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10 Reasons Why Your Computer May Be Slow

By Kelly Massey | November 28, 2018

Nothing bogs down productivity in the digital world like a slow computer. It makes it a chore to get any work done, as you spend cumulatively huge amounts of time waiting for the machine to start up, applications to load, documents to save…the list of slowdowns just goes on and on. There are a lot…

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7 Security Best Practices to Teach Your Employees

By Kelly Massey | November 15, 2018

These days, it’s not too far of a stretch to say that business lives and dies on computers. After all, the benefits of going digital are clear. Greatly improved efficiency is reason alone, but data analytics and social media monitoring can take things to a whole new level, and that’s just the tip of the…

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4 Easy Ways to Go Paperless in Your Business

By Kelly Massey | October 15, 2018

When all these executives and business gurus talk about the digital transformation, they’re not talking about some undefined point in the near future – they’re talking about the present. Different tools are available for any business, big or small, to go digital and reap the benefits of innovative new technology. For older offices or late…

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5 Common Phishing Attacks and How to Prevent Them

By Kelly Massey | September 25, 2018

Whether you’re a company or individual, you’ve likely spent enough time on the internet to have at least come across the term “phishing.” A phishing attack is an act of stealing a person’s personal information by pretending to be a legitimate or reputable organization. Phishers aim to steal an individual’s sensitive data, such as usernames,…

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The 5 Best Cloud Accounting Apps for Small Businesses

By Kelly Massey | September 18, 2018

For many small businesses, the biggest challenge is finding enough time and hands to get everything done. And few things keep hands busy for quite as long as accounting does—hours can go into data entry, invoicing, and balancing the books. With cloud-based services being a trending topic in the business world, it should come as…